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Coming Up in Supersoul [#5]

By HellSS OWNER - Posted Aug 27, 18

SMP – 1st Faction Monthly Ranking

First month of faction ranking is here! Battle alongside with your teammates to score high in the leaderboard! For more information on how to view the leaderboard, please use “/survival help”.

The rewards for this month are as the following!

1st Place: $250 000 In-game cash, 70 Dungeon Gold, 84 Dungeon Iron, Gold Trophy

2nd Place: $200 000 In-game cash, 35 Dungeon Gold, 40 Dungeon Iron, Silver Trophy

3rd Place: $80 000 In-game cash, 14 Dungeon Gold, 35 Dungeon Iron, Bronze Trophy

*In-game cash will be distributed to the faction members directly.

**Special items will be distributed to the faction leader.

***The rewards are faction-based, meaning that if a faction with 10 members got the first place, each member will receive $25 000 In-game cash and the faction leader will receive the items.

The scoring formula of this month is: Faction Power * 3 + SSD Score * 4. (This formula is subject to change.)

You can obtain scores by defeating dungeons, the amount of score rewarded depends on the difficulty of the dungeon:

Easy – 5 Score

Medium – 10 Score

Hard – 15 Score

Nightmare – 20  Score


SMP – Output Transfer of Items from SMPV4

You can now use the “/resetinv” command to take the items out from your inventory in SMPV5! The output transfer period is as below, you will not have access to the command after this period.

Output Transfer: 27/8 00:30 – 2/9 23:59


Arcade - Mini-Versus 8

We will open the server to play a PVP map every week, come and have fun together! The details are as following:

Map: Missile War

Date: 2 September (Sunday)

Time: 4 PM - 6 PM Server Time (UTC +8)

How to join: Use MC version 1.8 (1.8 – 1.8.9), connect through this ip:


Arcade - Mini-Versus Voting

Vote for the next map by reacting to this section!

1 – Missile War

2 – Murder Mystery

3 – Raft Clash


Staff Recruitment

Join us to do awesome things! If you’re interested in becoming part of the staff team, please DM me.