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Coming Up in Supersoul [#4]

By HellSS OWNER - Posted Aug 20, 18

**SMP – SSD Update Wave #3**

Third wave of SSD update incoming! Nether dungeon will arrive, kill the Wither to obtain Nether Star! Also, new Taurus Armor Set is here!

Also in this update: /warp crates and daily rewards! Some of the items in the shop will be slightly adjusted, some new items will arrive in /warp market.

The shop adjustments will arrive after the first SMP maintenance.
Other content will arrive after the second SMP maintenance.
**SMP – Transfer of Items from SMPV4**

Like last time, we’ll allow transfer of total 54 items from the last SMP version, please note the following:

1. A total number of 54 non-stacked items per account will be allowed for transfer.
2. You cannot transfer spawners and shulkerboxes.
3. Any modifications to the world during the transfer process will not be included in the world download released.
4. Some enchantments on special items will be nerfed.
5. To transfer your items, please use the /resetinv command in the SMPV4 server during the input period, then use /resetinv in the SMPV5 server during the output period.
6. Greifing is not allowed.
7. All faction data are lost, if you lost your home, please download the world below and find the coordinates, then contact our staff for teleportation.

The period of transfers
Input Transfer: 20/8 20:00 – 26/8 23:59
Output Transfer: 27/8 00:30 – 2/9 23:59
**SMP – World Downloads**

The links below are the files of the survival worlds. Note that the worlds are in bukkit format, in order to access Nether and The End, you have to change the file structures. For more information, please google.~ The links will expire in 3 months.

**Supersoul Downtime Compensation**

The unexpected maintenance on Monday was caused by server hardware failure. As it is not scheduled and took 12 hours to fix, compensation will be given for such an error. The details are as following:

Compensation: 50k SMP in-game money, 5 Dungeon Diamonds
Target: All players who have at least one record of login in the SMPV5 server.
Distribution Time: 20/8 Monday ~20:00 Server Time
**Arcade - Mini-Versus 7**

We will open the server to play a PVP map every week, come and have fun together! The details are as following:

Map: Death Run
Date: 26 August (Sunday) 
Time: 4 PM - 6 PM Server Time (UTC +8)
How to join: Use MC version 1.8, connect through this ip:
**Arcade - Mini-Versus Voting**

Vote for the next map by reacting to this section!
1 – Missile War
2 – Tower Invasion 殲滅攻城戰
3 – Ultra Hardcore Competition

To Vote, check the announcement channel in discord!
**Maintenance Notice**

The following services will not be available during the time period because of: Content update. Players will not be able to connect to the respective servers:

Network: 25/8 12:00 – 12:05
SMP: 20/8 20:00 – 20:15
SMP: 25/8 12:00 – 13:00
**Staff Recruitment**
Join us to do awesome things! If you’re interested in becoming part of the staff team, please DM me.