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SMP V5 Changelog

By HellSS OWNER - Posted Aug 3, 18


SMP has made its return! The following things are changed for version 5:

Features Changed

Maximum power for each player has been increased to 20.

Minecraft version used has been updated to 1.12.2.

Overworld has been reset, with new biomes added, such as volcanos!

Nether has been reset, it's now using vanilla generator.

Features Temporarily Removed

Shops, crates, quests, daily rewards, SSDs and Icing Crisis missions.

Features Permanently Removed

Player vaults has been removed, such shulkerboxes instead.

Spawner crafting is now disabled, but you will still be able to mine spawners with silk touch pickaxes, as well as capturing mobs with eggs.

What are your expectations in the future update? Comment down below! Every feedback is important! For future updates, stay tuned in our discord server! (