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Dear all Supersoulers,

11 April 2018 marks the 4 year anniversary of Supersoul. On behalf of the Staff team, I'd really like to thank every one of you who are still with us until now. Your support really means a lot to us, especially when we are busy with our public exams. Our services will be expected to be resumed somewhere around May and June, so see you until then!

Since the server services have suspended, celebrating in the server would not be possible. And because of that, we have created a video containing all the memories of the Staff team, we hope you enjoy!

Happy anniversary celebrating, and stay SUPER!

Cyrus_Li, Owner

rem-EMBER Still gonna wait for this server even though there are so much other servers I could join this one is too special for me...
XxJimmy122xX Royal I am still waiting. ._.

Dear all Supersoulers,

It’s been three years since the opening of Supersoul, and these three years have been a journey to us. There are ups and downs, unforgettable moments, events and contests, ridiculous announcements and things, we’ve been through a lot together, and we achieved things that I thought it would be impossible, and that’s all because of the staff team and every single player's contribution. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

However, it’s pretty obvious now, the development of the server cannot be maintained because of the following reasons. First of all, we Owners are getting busier as the final public examination is approaching. We will have to put more time into studies and schoolwork, therefore we will be inactive. Secondly, most of the staff are also getting busier as we move on to school, and we are lacking a “leader” to lead the development, as therefore the progress of the server has been slowing down these months.

We held a poll amongst the staffs, to decide how we are going to end this. On 1 November 2017 Server Time, the poll results were out. Out of all the voted staff members, all of them chose to suspend all services and updates of the server, while keeping this community living.

We do not hope to suspend our services, as it would cause inconvenience to all our faithful players, but we soon realised that this was inevitable, so starting from today (3 November 2017 Server Time), we will shut down all our servers, suspending all our services, and halting all update processes that we may be working on.

Thank you for all the support you have given us. We sincerely appreciate all the encouragement we have received over the past years. Our services will resume as soon as we are free from our examinations. We hope to be seeing you all when we re-launch our servers, and we hope that you all will keep supporting us and the development of Supersoul.

See you all in the future, and stay super.

Cyrus Li, Owner

Exactron At least now i know what the dead server in my list is. Well, not surprised, just as i predicted.
Ivan Royal Try to rejoin the server but the server is shut down , what a sad news

[SALE] Easter Sale on all Credits

Cyrus_Li OWNERC posted Mar 24, 18  -  Sale

Dear all Supersoulers,

There will be an Easter Sale on 26 March - 2 April.

All Credits will be at 40% off and purchased Credits will be distributed to all players within May and June 2018.

There will not be any refund for purchases made during the Easter Sale.

Happy Easter, and stay super!

Cyrus Li, Owner

[SALE] CNY Sale on all Credits

Cyrus_Li OWNERC posted Feb 10, 18  -  Sale

Dear all Supersoulers,

There will be a Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Sale on 13 - 19 February.

All Credits will be at 60% off and purchased Credits will be distributed to all players within May and June 2018.

There will not be any refund for purchases made during the CNY Sale.

Happy Valentine's Day, stay super, and I wish you a prosperous life in the coming year!

Cyrus Li, Owner

Dear all,

Recently, some suspicious posts have appeared in the forums that are questioned to be scam posts. To prevent abuse of the forums for uses outside the Supersoul Network, the forums will be restricted. All non-administrators are no longer allowed to post in the forums.

We hope you can understand our decision, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Cyrus Li, Owner