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[UPDATE] New Feature on Forums

Cyrus_Li OWNERC posted Dec 9, 17  -  Update

Dear all Supersoulers,

A new module has been added in the forums, which is the polling module.

You can see this module at the top of the homepage.

Please leave any feedback or suggestions regarding the polling module.

A test poll has been established, and I hope you will respond.

Stay super!

Cyrus Li, Owner

[SALE] Black Friday Sale on all Credits

Cyrus_Li OWNERC posted Nov 17, 17  -  Sale

Dear all Supersoulers,

There will be a Black Friday Sale on 22 - 26 November.

All Credits will be at 75% off, and purchased Credits will be distributed to all players within May and June 2018.

There will not be any refund for purchases made during the Black Friday Sale.

Happy Thanksgiving, and stay super!

Cyrus Li, Owner


Hello! New school year starts and we're gonna celebrate (yay) with a series of events!

Final Leaderboard Week! Week Thirteen

With Icing Crsis Event reaching its finale, the final week of Leaderboard of Contribution arrives! Compete with others to get super rare rewards!

More info here:

Start of School Hottime

School begins with a series of Hottimes! Get online to get these free rare rewards! For more info, please use /hottime in-game.

Start of School Presents

All players with a team joined (Sero / Elub) will receive the following rewards! The rewards will be distributed on 1/9 Midnight.

Rewards: 15 credits, 150 votepoints.

Symbol Auctions

Event Campaign Period: 1/9 - 9/9

Within the campaign period, a total of 10 symbols would be auctioned! Stay online as they might appear anytime!

The End of the Beginning

Players who complete the final quest of Icing Crsis, named "The End of the Beginning", will receive the following rewards! The rewards will be distributed after the end of Icing Crsis Event. To check whether you have completed the quest or not, please use /quest.

Rewards: 100 credits, 250 votepoints.

Have fun in the new school year! Thank you for playing in Supersoul!

- HellSS


HellSS OWNER posted Aug 18, 17


Attention please! "Player Vaults" feature will be permanently removed from the SMP server starting from 1/9! Please take all your items out from your player vaults within this month.


- HellSS

Mini-Event: Summer Solstice

Kuvon ModeratorC posted Aug 17, 17

Amidst the peak of summer, a perfect constellation will align together! Together with the advent of this phenomena, an unfamiliar face visits the spawn, proclaiming to be the son of a renowned duke and as well as the acting guildmaster of a large group of Adventurers. His name is - Peter Stylish Sword.

Complete his quests by accomplishing various tasks, and you will be rewarded handsomely! Do /warp event3 at smp to start the mini-event.

Resource Needed to unlock Normal Quests:

1x Certification of God
1500x Blaze Rods

After finishing the series of Normal Quests (The Emissary of a King, Stars are Aligned, Amassing the Power of Flames, Forging with Blaze) you will unlock an exclusive farming quest, which requires you to exchange 500 Blaze Rods for 25 Solar Flares. Solar Flares can be used to exchange most items on Peter's Shop!

Also watch out at Sunday! A relative of Peter will soon arrive with an even greater rewards!